Cesar Gonzalez (Mexico):

  I was so lucky to get in touch with South Hope over three years ago by a friend of mine who have recommended it to me.

My friend gave me instructions to seek the page and then I got in touch with them. The idea was to meet Chiapas – everything that I could – and I told them the available days for me as well as adding extreme sports.

Well, I was attended by South Hope personnel and showed me several options – which convinced me – regarding travel logistic and the places I was about to know.

We got to Villahermosa airport, and there began one of the best and exciting vacations I made alongside my two daughters and some friends (seven persons).

Mr. Esponda welcomed us – who was our particular tour guide and I still get in touch with him by email – and took us to all the places of the journey plan.

I think this company – lead by my friend Alfredo Villalonga – is serious and gives you quality, service, excellence, reliability and guaranty for your trip. 100% recommended!

After that, I went with them to La Paz, BCS for a fascinating whale watching.

Elsa Caballero (USA):

   I would like to share my travel experience with South Hope.

This was on April, 2011, when my children and I went to Playa del Carmen. We made a smart decision on asking South Hope to coordinate everything. It was a great experience, because everything in our journey was well arranged and scheduled.

I want to be honest with you and say the truth: I was so worried about this vacations’ quality. I feel embarrassed about what I am saying, but it is the truth and I am glad that I was wrong. Everything was right on time, very professional and nice. They exceeded our expectations and made unforgettable vacations for us.

We went to Chichen Itza and Tulum. The hotel and food was very good. So, it was a great experience and we will recall this vacation forever, I really mean it!

Best Regards,

Elsa Caballero.